About the Author

Well Hey there and Welcome! I’m Dawn, the author of the blog Live Waste Free and here’s my story.

I discovered the Zero Waste lifestyle a few years ago and loved the concept. It’s shocking the amount of waste that one household can produce in a year and this was the main drive behind Live Waste Free. Once I started feeling comfortable with living the Zero Waste lifestyle, I wanted to try to help others reduce their impact as well. Every little bit counts right?

I’ve always been passionate for the environment in some form or another. Right up until college. I studied a program called ‘Community Recreation and Leadership Training’ at Dawson College. There, I was introduced to so many different classes. My favorite amongst them were the outdoor education courses (where we went to a summer camp for a weekend and learned anything we can about animals, plants and pollution, in both the summer and winter) and environmental leadership (how to lead activities in the great outdoors while incorporating and not harming nature). They were by far my favorite classes. I received near perfect marks on all my assignments because I actually cared for the content. It inspired me to learn more and to do better.

After Cegep, my dad had fallen ill (he’s doing much better now) and did not have insurance to cover his new medication. It took months before the government assistance came and in this time, I decided to take a job that paid well to help out with the high cost of the medication. I began working for a printing company for product packages. At the beginning it was just to help out, I told myself I would leave once things settled down. Like most people, I got comfortable and ended up staying with them for 6 long years. Working awkward shifts (mostly overnight), literally printing packages by the Millions (for cigarette and gum packages no less). I was truly out of sorts during that time. I thought, it was a good job, solid salary, great benefits, wonderful workplace friendships. I didn’t care about the job itself or the fact that it was slowly eating away at me while simultaneously being a main contributor of industrial AND household waste. It took 6 years and an entire shut down of the company to finally be freed and living my values. I got trapped in the routine of just working for work sake, not caring about what I was doing or who it was hurting, just for a paycheck to buy things.

Now that I’ve grown out of the mindset that we only live to work and to make money, I can see the harm that mass consumerism does. More importantly, I see how I can help. This is why I started writing blogs about this wonderful topic. To help encourage others around me to reduce their waste as much as they can.

This lifestyle is in no means about perfection. It’s about trying. It’s about caring. It’s about staying true to values that are important to you. With a little practice and the right motivation, anyone can greatly reduce their impact!