How to make a Sock Buddy

Have you ever used those heating pads or rubber hot water bottles for sore muscles? They’re so soothing and comforting and ya know… warm. They’re quite lovely actually! Well I don’t have one anymore. I haven’t had one in years and I thought to myself, why not? Why am I missing out just because I can’t find one second-hand.  So I figured I’d just make one out of everything I already have on hand and as it turns out, it’s a hit! My husband was reluctant when I told him what I was making, but after using mine, he not only requested one for himself, but even picked out the socks he wanted me to use!


To make your own sock buddy, you’ll need a few things:

  • 2 socks (the two I used have been single and warn out for some time, and one even had a hole, but I was able to sew it up and use it regardless)
  • 1 cup of uncooked rice
  • Funnel (large mouth or regular)
  • Sewing needle and thread, the color of your choice

Rice Filled Sock ASock A folded upon itself

First, fill the first sock with the rice. I used my more plain looking sock since it will eventually get covered.  From here on, we’ll call this sock SOCK A to avoid confusion. Next, you’re going to twist SOCK A, only once, to close off the top and fold the ribbed ankle part of the sock back onto itself. This seals the rice in safely. I personally aimed for a looser feeling so it would stretch a bit more and be more cozy. If it’s too tight, it will feel like cuddling a hot rock (in my opinion).  You can adjust this feeling easily by folding the sock onto itself less or more.

Now, you take the second sock (SOCK B) and flip that bad boy inside out. Once SOCK B is inside out, you’re going to match them both up. Hold SOCK B by the opening and drop SOCK A into it; twist side first. Don’t pack SOCK A too far into SOCK B. Simply match up the consistency.

To finish up, you’ll do exactly what you did earlier to seal it up. Twist once and fold the sock onto itself. By starting off inside out, we are now able to keep the design on the outside, so it looks nice.


Sock B folded onto Sock A

Finally, sew along the edge of the top of SOCK B. It will hold everything together and secure it completely. I didn’t use any fancy stitch or anything, just a simple one to connect the two sections.

To use the sock buddy, put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and use it like you would a heating pad. After awhile, you’ll notice that the smell of the rice gets a bit strong, just sprinkle a bit of essential oil mixed with water and it should cover up the smell of the rice. You can also use the buddy after it’s been frozen. My husband loves using it on his sore muscles after the gym. His sock drapes over his shoulder nicely and stays hot/cold for a while! YAY!


Finished Sock Buddy

So there it is, reusing old socks and some bulk bought rice and re-purposing them into something very useful to keep on hand. And being completely candid with you, I use it almost every night now. We’ve hit the fun part of the season when it’s not yet cold enough to turn on the heat, but it’s too cold to walk around slipperless. My sock buddy helps keep the chill of the season at bay. Needless to say, I’m super happy I made mine and hope you have fun making yours as well!

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