Painting the Town Green: a Zero Waste Guide to a Great Night Out!

The Outfit

So I’ve been told recently that “It must suck being Zero Waste because you have to basically give up your social life.” I literally didn’t know how to respond to that, since it’s so far from the truth! I still get dressed up, I still go out with my friends and I still go out for fun activities and some drinks. All guilt free to boot. Imagine that! So I got to thinking, why not take a bit of time and address each stage of ‘prep’ before heading out for a night with my besties. Each step will be documented to show just how simple choices can change a regular night out into a Zero Waste night out.

Today, we’re talking clothes.

Okay, so first things’ first, never underestimate what’s already in your own closet. I recently went through my stuff and realized that there’s some nice things in there. Things that I’ve rarely worn before. I actually rearranged my entire closet to access stuff that I haven’t seen in years and it was lovely. Why buy new things if you don’t have to. Save that cash flow for the night itself instead of prepping for it.

Second on my list: borrow, borrow, borrow! Now I know, sometimes it’s difficult to try this. Maybe you’re not the same size as a friend, or have completely different styles. But let me ask you this, how many times have you gone through your own stuff and found something that is no longer YOU, or it doesn’t fit anymore, or it came around when you had your Little Black Dress phase…we’ve all been there, trust me. I bet this happens often right? So turn this concept around on your friends. They probably have stuff that you’ve never noticed before. Check their stuff anyways, you’ll never know what you can find (permission is required for this, don’t just raid your buddy’s place without their consent. Come on man!).

Third and final: shop wisely and responsibly. Now, I dislike shopping for many reasons. Mainly it’s because I don’t like spending money on things that serve no strong purpose in my life. However, for this purpose, I tried it! I actually did, I swear! I attempted to shop. I hit up a second hand store and rummaged through the racks of pre-loved items. Although I came out of this particular shop empty handed, I did still find some really nice dresses. I was genuinely impressed. Another thing to consider is to get rid of the stigma that’s been put on second hand clothing. As long as it’s new to you, it’ll still give you that satisfying “check out my new digs” attitude. And don’t think you’re limited to only second hand stores, buy new. Go for it, have fun with it. I’d just suggest trying to make the things you purchase as long lasting as possible. This goes for the material used as well as the style. So many fad items get sent to donations or the trash. Cheap items are scattered all through landfills and will keep doing so unless we collectively make a change that can catalyze a difference.

Picking out the perfect outfit doesn’t have to be such a costly event. The more aware we are of the effects of our choices, the smoother the transition is to living a Zero Waste lifestyle.

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